I Found Crazy Islamic Propaganda on YouTube

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This religious propaganda is insane. These guys not only advocate harmful political policies, like doing away with all apostates, but actually want to give Islam absolute power. This is the kind of radicalizing propaganda that those like Maajid Nawaz once fell victim to and now speak against at Quilliam International. Islamism like this hurts everyone, especially vulnerable young Muslims. Let’s all do our part to counter propaganda, criticize bad ideas, and defeat anti-Muslim bigotry. Muslims and ex-Muslims alike benefit when ideas like these are defeated.

Whether you think that reform is our best option, like Maajid Nawaz or Sam Harris, or that religion must be defeated, like Armin Navabi, something must be done. The struggle for human rights in the Muslim world is the biggest civil rights issue of our time, and I hope you’ll contribute to it with me.

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