How Dana Scully Changed Science

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This week we take a look at the Scully Effect, to see what kind of impact it’s had on encouraging more people to enter STEM fields. It’s had the largest impact on women in STEM, but strong role models in film and tv have an impact on *everyone’s* career choices and changing the public perception of scientists. I hope you enjoy!

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This video was written by Teagan Wall, edited, hosted and produced by Vanessa Hill. Illustrations for this episode by Nina Chhita:

Effect of parental education on career and educational aspirations and successes:
“Parents of Pop Culture” study on who kids have as role models:
Impact of parents of choice of college major:
“The Obama Effect”:
Positive versus negative role models:
The Scully Effect:
Draw a Scientist – 50 years on:
“Name a Living Scientist” Study:‘%20Attitudes%20about%20Science%20and%20Scientists%20in%202017.pdf

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