About My Guilt

Thank you to too much candy for helping me finally make this video. It’s obviously something I’ve been thinking about for a long time. As someone who has a LOT of advantages, it is very clear to me that I have them. But I also think that everyone watching this, just by virtue of having access to high speed internet, also has a lot of advantages that might not be as obvious.

As I say in the video, if you spend time with people who have your same advantages, they don’t seem like advantages. And then when someone comes along and tells you that your normal is actually inequality, that can feel like an attack…like Heath finding out that he’s ripped up Snickers’ wedding flowers. Heath, in that moment, felt attacked by Snickers….like the guilt was something Snickers was doing, not something Heath’s own mind was doing to attempt to help him behave differently in the future.

At least, that’s the really drawn out metaphor I’ve decided to go with, I guess!

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