The Rigged Election

President Trump exercises his power by having no concern for the truth. It’s OK for him to lie because he sees lying as a way of flexing. He lies, the media fact checks, he laughs. It’s not about reality, it’s about winning. I’ve started to understand that I live in that world…where, for my president, the truth isn’t interesting. A firehose of lies, and an army of perplexed fact checkers, signifying nothing.

But when the lies turn to rot in the foundation of the system, when what sounds good to Trump one day is talking about how an election where he loses isn’t a legitimate election, that’s where it gets scary. It gets scary because, in one way, it’s nothing new…of course President Trump lies about voter fraud, he lies about everything.

And yet, on the other hand, it still shocks me, because the people who love him were supposed to love America…the constitution…tradition. The moment he started saying things like, “If we lose, it’s rigged” I thought that would mean something to them. But it doesn’t seem like it does. It seems like they love a strongman who looks powerful, even if that strongman is breaking the one fundamental institution that our government is based on by calling on his followers to not accept the outcome of an election that he doesn’t win.

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