My Giant Robot Suit

I don’t think having a following on the internet means you have to never engage or defend yourself. But I think that you have to behave differently than you would if you didn’t have a following. And I know that thinking about this from the perspective of the person in the robot suit is like, “Oh, boo hoo, you’re rich and famous I’m so sorry someone was mean to you once.” But now that the internet exists, occasionally the once infathomable distance between a few people chatting in their social space and a super mainstream celebrity, occasionally collapses to literally no distance at all.

Celebrities don’t feel like anything more than people…they look in the mirror and see their soft, squishy bodies. So when they walk in on a group of people saying terrible things, it’s understandable that they would react. But those people are seeing the robot suit, not the person.

But I think we should realize that we’re all wearing robot suits these days, and that we’re all a lot more powerful than we think we are. It’s very easy to go too hard these days, whether you’ve been building your suit for a decade or whether you’re just a simple quiet person with a Twitter account.

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