This Ends in Death! (and Book Secrets)

Audiobooks, UK signing, hammers in bushes! Much excitement! I consume a LOT of my books in audio book format so I have a lot of thoughts about how I like it done. Getting the test audio from the narrator was, for me, a bigger moment than seeing the cover or the printed book for the first time. Just so exciting!

Also, when I say “this” ends in death, I think I mean “everything eventually” and not so much “vlogbrothers.” Obviously, I am very uncomfortable with the idea that the vlogbrothers channel will end in the death of one of us and I don’t know how to feel about that, which is, I guess, a pretty big part of the human experience.

If you find the hammer please let me know so that people will know it’s been found. Twitter is probably best!

So happy to be working with Kristen Sieh! While she has been in those TV shows I mentioned, most of her work is in theater, which you can find out about here:

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