How does Sunscreen Work? What is SPF? How to be safe in the Sun

It’s Summer and the SUN is out to get you! Not really. But it is up to you to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. Time to put on extra sunscreen! Do you know how sunscreen works?

Our special summer video explains the Science of Sunscreen. We break down what kinds of radiation are coming from the Sun (Visible light, Infrared, and Ultraviolet rays), and which of these cause burning, wrinkles, and skin cancer. We describe the difference between Physical Sunscreen and Chemical sunscreens, and discuss what is meant by “Broad Spectrum” protection. We also explain which sunscreens are considered “Reef Safe!”

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Broad Spectrum Sunscreen

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UV protective shirts

Other Useful links:
EPA UVI index page
SPF of clothing:

Hosted by Liliana de Castro
Directed by Michael Harrison
Written and Produced by Kimberly Hatch Harrison

Creative Commons Credits:
Man with Sunscreen
Author: Spigget

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